Aiming at developing water conservation habits among students and to create more awareness on this crucial issue on 17-12-19 a class activity was conducted for Sixth grade students to come up with innovative ideas on water conservation and they wrote poems and drew posters and coloured to express their views.

Conservation of water helps the society save water for the future. Every droplet is important. The first steps of conserving water starts in our surrounding.

The following activities were conducted as a part of observing water conservation.

1) Students were instructed to keep pots under the water dispenser so that even the minutest droplet of water will be meticulously conserved.

2) The water used by students for washing the hands was directed towards the school garden thus making them aware of preserving every droplet of water by not wasting them.

3) Students were instructed to go check all the taps in the premise during their free hours to ensure that all taps are closed and there is no wastage of water

4) Students were instructed to water plants through drip irrigation method by using old plastic bottles instead of pouring water directly from hose which prevents the excess flow of water through the hole in the pots and that every drop of water is utilised for the growth of plant.

5) Students collected water from the leaking tank and hose and used the collected water for watering plants. The leakage was informed to the multi-tasking staff andimmediate action was taken to stop the leakage of water from the hose.

6) Students educated the multi-tasking staff about water conservation-its importance and how they can prevent wastage of water in the school as every drop of water was precious.

Students spread the awareness throughout the school and teacher explains various method how to conserved water.