Education Officer Message

I feel for each sensitive educator learning is a journey that is joyful, stress free and that engages the mutual learners wholly in its steady evolution. At Air Force School Jalahalli, we are inspired to have a space where learning is fun, engaging, seeking, co-operative, mutually inspiring and all pervasive, where responsibility, discipline, earning a livelihood, excellence, compassion and relationship all come together as one movement and not as fragmented parts ; where education is not riddled with fear but is an explorative process of discovery of the self and all else.

We sculpt them into competitive, empathetic, and optimistic individuals who strive to succeed in every challenge they are faced with. We not only focus on teaching at our school but provide them conditions for learning.

Our accredited curriculum is designed to recognize individual differences and foster the development of each student to explore, inquire and to think critically. For achieving our goals we have team of excellent teachers and staff who are continuously striving to make our school the best place for learning.

We join hands in this challenging but highly satisfying task of nurturing our future citizens.JaiHind!

Flt Lt Neha Chauhan
Executive Director AF School Jalahalli