On the 3rd of May 2019, a workshop was conducted by Mr.Vinayak Kattimani, Vice Principal KV1, Jallahalli, Bangalore on how to motivate students positively. The main point discussed was how to motivate students to accomplish their goals. He stressed on the need to motivate students based on their aptitude, intensity of desire and expectations of the individual. The students should be rewarded for achieving their tasks further.

He later discussed about the internal and external factors that affects the behavior of a child and how a teacher should give special attention to the students for their personality development. He repeatedly stressed on the role of a teacher in encouraging students for better performance rather than discouraging them for their faults.

He further mentioned about the importance of including activity based teaching and cautioned that no lesson plan is complete unless it includes motivation. The classroom teaching should be more interactive and teacher should be arole model for the students. The students should be directed towards a definite objective like worksheets, maps, pictures etc.

The effective ways to motivate students according to him are praising them, rewarding them, approving their work, giving the responsibilities, and encouraging them to indulge in group activities. An extra push will motivate good students to become exemplary ones. Try to ease the classroom environment by cracking situational jokes and avoiding monotonous way of teaching.

He concluded by saying that teaching process should include more of audio visual aids and classrooms should be made more interesting by displaying colourful charts and models. The subject should be interlinked so that the teaching will be more effective. We are looking forward to for more such sessions.