As a part of training to face any contingency the students, staff and teachers of Air Force School Jalahalli,on 8th November2019,at 9:30a.m Lock down was done. The Principal- Mrs.Vasugi Gopal raised the centralized alarm system. All students, staff and teachers stayed back in their respective rooms. Later fire alarm was raised and all the students of Primary and Secondary exited from the nearest exit to the old school playground, there was already the ambulance and the fire extinguisher team present at prior call and extinguishing of the fire was demonstrated.Students all assembled and the head counts were taken.

Sgt.A .K Singh and his team from Air force Station Jalahalli demonstrated the various types of extinguishers-which can extinguish fire caught due to solid ,liquid and electricity and how it needs to be operated to few teachers and Group D staff ,which will be later demonstrated to all teachers for smooth operating ,in case of emergency. The team enriched the knowledge about various types of fire extinguishers-Category A ,B C and which has to be used inside the science lab,Computer lab and also demonstrated why certain extinguishers should not be used inside the rooms as it may cause suffocation to students.

It was knowledgeable and effective demonstration and created awareness for the students to face any future contingency.

Principal thanked the team of Sgt AK Singh on behalf of the staff ,students and teachers of Air Force School.