Inter School Competitions 2018-19

Inter National Aloha Abacus

1) Students of Air Force School Jalahalli went to China on 20 July 2019 for International Aloha Abacus competition in different levels from different countries.

2) There were 640 participants from various countries like India, Spain, Malaysia, Russia, Bangladesh, China, Mexico and Indonesia.

3) From all over India 38 candidates participated and out of them 21 were from Bangalore and out of 21 participants Air Force School Jalahalli won 19 prizes.

4) The Competition was for 5 mins in which the kids had to complete 70 sums in 5 mins. Air Force School students once again added feather to the crown by winning the International championship.

The winners are as follows.

No Particulars Level Prize won
1 Adheesha 1 II Runner up
2 Tanisha 2 I Runner up
3 Hriday 5 Grand Champion
4 Vrishali 6 ---